SRF Workshop Calendar

Registration for all workshops for KMC-SRF will be done through the SRF committee . The following are the list of workshops KMC-SRF conducts throughout the year. 

Name of Workshop Month Description
Introduction to Research
This introduces first year medical students to research methodologies and framing of a research topic. It also teaches the basic steps of conducting a research study
Protocol Writing and Ethics
It teaches the students how to write the protocol once the student has a research topic and a guide. It additionally guides students regarding the ethics committee rules of KMC Manipal. It is an essential workshop for students who have applied for research grants.
Literature Search
It teaches students the method of searching relevant research articles and the management of various references
ICMR-STS Workshops
It is a series of two workshops in consecutive months. The former helps in finalizing a research topic and guide. The latter helps in finishing writing the proposal and ensures all interested students get the perfect guidance to complete their proposals for ICMR-STS.
Publication Drive
It encourages students to publish their research or case presentations.