SRF Team 2019

Poorvaprabha Patil

Medico by day, insomniac by night, Poorva is an unflinching adventurer who relishes scuba diving, rafting and skydiving. As much as she loves research, she enjoys solo traveling, shopping and adoring puppies. This modest young lady has an array of skills which range between managing non-profit organizations and being a med student contemporaneously, speaking 7 different languages, baking mouth-watering cakes and cookies and eating 10 gulab jamuns at once after lunch. Pursuing medicine and law courses apart from all the research and humanitarian work she does, she leaves people wondering how she manages her time (and sanity). She talks fondly about social issues; does not shun away from challenges, and is immensely loyal and loquacious. The tiny exterior that she is pretty well known by, does not do justice to the elephantine heart that she carries around (and also her hearty appetite for desserts 🙂

Rijushree Saha
Joint Secretary

Rijushree believes in thinking and optimizing over whats the best solution in every situation. From doing the everyday "jugaad" in her daily college life till making her encounter with research in her first year of med school, she paved her own way and tried to create opportunities for others too. Though she maintains a thorough reputation of being a workaholic she is a true Bong , lazy in her own way and believes that the best chill pill is to sleep. SRF gave her the perfect platform to enhance her skills right from logistics, management to promotion. She always believes that new skills can be learnt and executed. Just like she learnt WP to build this website..! When she is not doing SRF work (which she is doing most of the time) she is thinking over new concepts , ideas and innovation to help the society. She envisions to turn her ideas into reality some day. She believes in dreaming "big" and "right" which is truly "ethically" ambitious.

Yoshita Batish

A third year medical student keenly interested in exploring new possibilities. Trying to figure out her way through med school, found her love for research. Besides, she is a health freak at times but just cannot refrain from having desserts at all times. She tries to compensate by playing sports and working out. Being the volleyball captain and a part of SRF 2018 previously, she is an organization freak and dedicated towards creating a platform where people can question,learn, create new possibilities.

Sabin Srivastava

Sabin invented OPV. This is not the same Sabin. But he certainly gives a little glitter to the name with his creativity and ingenuity. His puns are almost always cringe-worthy, but since joining SRF he has certainly become more confident in delivering them. He handles stress by taking long baths and longer naps.

Mahisha Virdiana

Motivated and always down to try new things! Fascination towards learning more about the logistics and behind-the-scenes of student research drove her to join the committee.

Ishant Kaushik

Ishant is a budding designer and content creator for all social media handles of SRF. He doesn't know how to operate Photoshop but promises he'll learn it one day. An avid Mythology geek and know-it-all he loves dolling out anecdotes from time to time. He is a brilliant photographer too!

Saumya Saxena

"An ordinary girl with big dreams" -like she would describe herself! Her perennially inquisitive nature to know and learn more brought her to the SRF which has helped immensely in providing direction and vision to her goals. She loves to read, interact and explore new arenas.

Hanswahini Garg

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. Hanswahini is delighted to be a part of KMC SRF for another year now and extremely glad to see our progress over years and being a part of this committee has always been an enjoyable learning experience. Hardworking, responsible and organized are the words which describe me and I hope to serve well to my committee and help set them set milestones in future.

Manasa Dubba

She is pretty much a normal college student who’s trying to learn the ways of life. When she first heard about research, it was very intimidating. But through SRF her process has been made easier. She looks forward to being innovative in the future.

Ananya Malhotra

A medical student who started her research journey out of curiosity and fell in love with it. She loves to dance and sing. SRF felt like the right place for her to propel her journey and help others on the way.

Nithin Davuluri

Nithin is a curious soul who loves learning, though not necessarily in the way it's done in school. He believes that scientific reasoning is the best way forward and is a part of SRF to encourage more students to undertake research projects. His constant companions include his trustworthy camera, a coffee cup, and a well worn book. Once you get to know him personally you'll see that he loves spending time with his friends and cherishes the moments they have together. He may find small talk a little hard, but is always up for a meaningful conversation.

Vrinda Chopra

Vrinda loves to interact with new people and believes that there is a lot to learn from people out there .She has great interest in all forms of performing arts and likes to explore the unexplored fields and research work in healthcare has always fascinated her.

Mrityunjay Vats

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Aparna Macharia

If you ask any of Aparna's friends what makes her happy, the answer will always be - FOOD! The only way we could even fathom the feeling she gets when she eats her favorite Pad Thai would be to listen to her sing with a passion unrivaled by anyone else. As if this wasn't enough, she's a star basketball player (though off-court she can be decidedly a little clumsy). She loves to challenge herself, whether it's mind-numbing research or simply deciding where to eat dinner.

Ayush Agarwal

There isn't much in the world that doesn't fascinate Ayush. He admires even the tiniest detail in life and proudly calls himself a space nerd and worships Elon Musk like he were God. Ask him anything about rockets and he'll probably tell you.

Maitreya Deepankar

Maitreya's interests are in theoretical physics, research, playing guitar, listening to music and observing the surroundings and people. He also likes to cook sometimes. What brought him to SRF was his interest in research , organising events and to meet like minded people to share and discuss ideas.

Chirag Gupta

Travelling alone is what Chirag is known for. Never fearing to try anything new that involves socializing. Pursing medicine and wants to be a graphic designer. Loves to click pictures but not to be on other side of camera. In sports known to swim through problems. Love to talk about social atrocities.Favorite time pass is to teach and to think about this world and life. Curiosity killed the cat suits him. Leadership and working hard to achieve his target is his plus point.

Aditij Dhamija

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Asees G Singh

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous. That’s what describes Asees as she translates the most boring researches into acts of perfection by her skills of designing and presentation. She is popular for her promptness in flashing a solution which is faster than Google and more reliable than Mutual funds. Psst... her constant smile is a bonus of her attitude.

Sujit Bikkumanla

Sujit is a fun and energetic person to be around, loves cracking the occasional pun and learning new things. While most often than not Sujit is engrossed in video games or anime, he makes time to be with friends and enjoy.