Grants and Funding


ICMR -STS stands for Indian Council of Medical Research – Short Term Studentship. Medical students all over India who are in the MBBS course can send their research proposals to ICMR . After a rigorous screening process ,  proposals are selected based on its originality, novelty , feasibility and importance to human society.  Selected students are given 6-8 months to do the research and submit the report. The cost of the research has to be borne by the institution. 

A guide is compulsorily required to apply for the studentship who has to be the faculty of the institution. He/She can be only be the guide for one studentship project in a specific academic year. 

This is a completely online programme . At the end of successfully submitting the report the student receives a certificate and the stipend. This studentship can only be received once during the MBBS course. 

Tentative month for registrations : December / January

Tentative month for sending proposal : End of January

Tentative month of results of screening process : Mid -April 

Tentative month of report submission : Last week of September/ First Week of October 

Final report results and stipend received : Next year June / July 

Stipend received by student  : ₹ 20,000 


MAHE Seed Money

This funding is provided by the Manipal Academy of Higher Education ( MAHE ) to students who are interested in research activities within Manipal.  A maximum of 5 % students of the total strength of any institute under MAHE can receive  this funding.  This includes both UG and PG students. 

It is encouraged that students first apply to central agencies for funding . On non-approval they can apply for MAHE Seed Funding. 


KMC-STS stands for Kasturba Medical College – Short Term Studentship . MBBS students  from Kasturba Medical College , Manipal can apply for the studentship. The stipend is provided by our institution itself. 

The proposals are screened on the basis of originality,novelty , feasibility and importance to society. Selected students are given a year to do the research and submit the report. The cost of the research is reimbursed by KMC-Manipal. 

A guide is compulsory and one student can only apply for one project in a given academic year. 

This studentship can be received by a student multiple times during the duration of the MBBS course. 

No registrations are required like ICMR-STS .

The format for submissions are similar to ICMR-STS. Ethical certificate is compulsory for application of KMC-STS . The applications will be online and the KMC-SRF website will be used as the portal. 

Tentative month for proposals submission: June/July 

Tentative month of result announcement : August 

Tentative month for report submission : Next year January/February 

Portal for submission :